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Food trucks at Camping La Conge

You have the possibility to eat on site in high season, 3 times a week, thanks to the Food Trucks positioned at the entrance of the campsite.

News Pizza (week 28 through week 35)

News pizza

The Tuesday evening , come and enjoy Franck's pizzas, News Pizza . On the menu, he offers among others:

Tomato-based pizzas: 7 different recipes including:
Reine : tomato base, ham, mozzarella € 10
Kebab : tomato base, fresh tomato, onions , kebab strips, mozzarella € 12

White based pizzas: 5 different recipes including:
3 Cheeses : white base, goat cheese, Roquefort, mozzarella 12 €
Savoyarde : white base, apples of earth, ham, reblochon, mozzarella 12 €

Wrappy My Kiki (week 27 through week 35)

Food truck - C'est Wrappy Mon Kiki !

On Thursday evening , discover the catering of the Food Truck Wrappy . It's WRAPPY my kiki! You can discover the menus or create your personalized wraps, cold or hot, accompanied by fries, chicken fries and homemade desserts.

Here is an overview of the main recipes:

VEGGIE: salad, tomato, red onion, cucumber, avocado, goat cheese, egg, fresh cheese sauce, lemon chives or mayonnaise. € 5.90
PARISIEN: salad, tomato, red onion, ham, gruyère, egg, mayonnaise. 5; 90 €
BOLO: ground beef marinated in homemade bolognese sauce, grated gruyere. € 5.90
SPICY CHICKEN: salad, tomato, onion, chicken, avocado, lemon, crème fraîche, cayenne pepper. € 6.40
CROUSTI: salad, tomato, onion, nuggets, mozzarella, bacon, caesar sauce. € 6.40.

And on Sunday noon, he offers chicken fries!